About Us

Pickleball + Coffee = the Ultimate Pairing
We love the game of pickleball, along with 5 million pickleball players in the US. Our pickleball and coffee company pairs the fastest growing sport with the most consumed beverage in the country.
We offer customizable services for private events, corporate events, tournaments, clinics, conventions and trade shows. Whether you need us to secure a venue, set up nets and temporary lines, provide coffee services or full catering options, simply pick and choose what works best for you. We craft every package to meet all your possible needs.
Our team is composed of highly rated pickleball players with Pro coaching credentials, a certified referee for rule guidance, food and beverage professionals with over 15 years experience and expert organizers of large 10,000+ person events.
On event day, savor a delightful cup of coffee, jump onto the court and enjoy a game or two, or three of pickleball while we take care of everything else.
Dink, Drink & Pickle On!